Workshop Work Party

22nd – 28th September 2014

We have nearly finished the structure, timber framing part and this is the week that friends and helpers are coming to put the roofing boards and shingles on.

Then we will get the cladding in place and doors and windows. Lots to do, but much will be achieved with so many hands.

Summer Sale!

I do not generally go in for this kind of thing but as I have been spending extra time building my workshop and growing food I have missed some selling events this year.

So here’s the deal: …
Purchase any two items from my website and get the cheapest half price (buy online in the usual way and I’ll refund the appropriate amount).

Offer ends Friday 25th July, midnight (British Summer Time) or before if I get overwhelmed by orders….

Thank you!

Workshop news

We have been busy spending money that you generously donated. Some of it has gone on the cedar shingles for the roof (pictures soon), some on all the boarding for the roof and floor. Then we can put larch boards on the outside with some sheep’s wool insulation in the roof and hemp insulation in the walls.

We haven’t bought all this yet but we have been cutting some of the extra timbers to the right size for the frame, with the help of friends. Plus Geoff has started cutting the joints for the wall plate timbers. Weather allowing all our weekends will involve some level of work on the project right through the year.

So all the lovely people who have offered time can arrange when to come, one day, a weekend, longer, or just a few hours. Thanks very much again for all the help.

Creatively moving forwards.

Fuggo and Geoff King

Competition time, 2014!

Win your own design hand carved in wood.

Whilst I enjoy creating my own designs, sometimes I feel I need a little extra inspiration, especially in the dark days of winter.

So, this is a competition to design a piece of jewellery. It can be a brooch, necklace, earrings, comb, kilt pin or bangle/bracelet.

It can be as simple or as intricate as you wish.

The winner will be the de…sign that I like the most.

Please bear in mind that it is to be hand carved in wood, though you do not necessarily have to have a working knowledge of this material – if I like your design best, I will adapt it to suit if need be.

You can look at my website: to see the sort of things I make, but I am quite prepared to consider ideas outside my usual mind-set.

The prize will be to have the design made for you in return for me being able to produce it to sell to others.


Email me at: with your idea(s) attached. Up to four designs will be accepted per entry.

They can be scans or photos of your sketches or other manifestations of computer image/design technology that I am unaware of, so long as I can open them on my P.C.

Please keep the total size of attachments to less than 3MB, as my broadband is slow and it will take too long to download.

All designs must be your own work. Submitting anything copied from anyone else could breach their copyright and may result in prosecution (as well as just being plain wrong).

Copy and paste the “Terms and Conditions” below into the message of the email and add your name after the “I agree” section.

The closing date for entries is 6pm (UK GMT) Friday 10th January 2014.

The winner will be announced on Facebook at or soon after 6pm (UK GMT) on Sunday 12th January 2014, together with an image of the winning design and will also be contacted directly by email.


1. All designs submitted must be the original work of the entrant.
2. The contestant agrees that if their design is chosen as the winner it may be reproduced as a piece of hand carved wooden jewellery in any numbers by Geoff King (currently trading as “Woodland Treasures”), to sell through any outlets available for an indefinite period of time.
3. No monetary payment will be paid to the winner
4. The winner will be judged and chosen by Geoff King. It will be a totally subjective decision that cannot be appealed against or challenged in any way.
5. The creator of the winning entry will receive their design hand carved in wood within six months of the closing date of the competition, shipped to the address of their choice anywhere in the world at no cost to themselves.
6. The closing date for entries is 6pm (UK GMT) Friday 10th January 2014.
7. The winner will be announced at or soon after 6pm (UK GMT) on Sunday 12th January 2014.
8. If your design is not chosen as a winner, I will delete it from my computer and keep no copy or record of it.

I hereby agree to the terms and conditions above.

I very much look forward to receiving your entries. good luck everyone!

Dear Contributors…

Dear Contributors,

Firstly another big thank you to all of you. We are at present unable to stick to the schedule we first hoped for as our framer was unavoidably delayed on other jobs. Weather and temperatures in the north of Scotland mean we will have to be patient.

Be assured ALL the money we have will only be spent on the workshop, but physical work will continue next spring with our eagerly awaiting volunteers.

We have also thought of a way to make our materials go further and therefore stretch out the pennies to enable us to be nearer completion of the work. This will mean the money goes on materials rather than labour. Geoff will be changing the construction method to enable the bigger timbers we already have to be cut in half and therefore make an easier frame build. This will also enable us to continue at our own pace.

Geoff’s own work load producing more art will decrease after December and his health requires some hibernation (and writing) time. So we will be reporting back next year with more interesting news.

Creatively moving forwards.

Fuggo and Geoff King

Workshop foundations

Some pictures of the foundations work in progress and the finished pads. As we have now raised over £2000 the wood frame work is booked to start late October into November.